What is hillcrest conservancy?

Our Mission

“To observe and become involved with all environmental issues in order to meaningfully contribute to good conservation practice in co-operation with any relevant authorities.”

Projects include:

  • Assist eThekwini in the management and improvement of Springside Nature Reserve.
  • Organise environmental walks, talks, outings and events in Springside Nature Reserve; Alien & Invasive Plants and Environmental training
  • Assist other Environment Conservation groups
  • Work parties tackling A&IP’s in and around Hillcrest
  • The Committee also arranges activities and events to supplement the limited funds from eThekwini Department of Natural Resources.

Historical Background to Springside Nature Reserve

In 1975 Hillcrest Rotary Club made a commitment to Hillcrest Town Board to develop the open space in Hillcrest Park, proclaimed as a Nature Reserve in 1948, as compensation for land in Knelsby Avenue which was donated to establish Kingfisher Crest for Senior Citizens. 

On record is a letter from Hillcrest Town Board dated April 1984 to the Lions Club of Hillcrest, agreeing to a Cash-Grant-in-Aid and to make available equipment and labour for Springside Nature Reserve.  Support was also received for Springside Nature Reserve from the Wild Life Society, other Service Clubs, Hillcrest Scout Group, and the committees of local Schools.