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Hillcrest Conservancy offers an intensive half-day training course to assist and uplift gardeners’ skills. The course gives a brief overview of the importance of our natural environment (your garden) and why it should be preserved.

Guided walks in Springside Nature Reserve are regularly organised but, for those who visit on other days, this map and the illustrated signboards in the car-park area will help you select a route for self-guided walks.  All paths are well maintained paths and generally easy.

Gates are open daily throughout the year between 7.30 am and 4 pm.  Note:  There is no staff on site after hours, so it is advisable to plan your arrival and departure times accordingly.

Visitors are requested to kindly place donations of least R20 p.p. through the slot on the Kingfisher Centre front wall.  All donations are used by our voluntary committee towards on-going Reserve improvements and Conservancy.  Your generosity will be appreciated.

Look and listen for a wide variety of birds.  Binoculars recommended to improve your experience.  Interested in indigenous flora?  Interesting species in the grassland, wetland and forested areas throughout the year.  Bring your field guide book/s.
All welcome
GUIDED BIRDING & GENERAL NATURE WALKS hosted by Hillcrest Conservancy, are held in Springside Nature Reserve on the second Wednesday of each month:

EnquiriesSue 031-765 6809  e-mailhillcrestconservancy@gmail.com

January 8 start 7.30 am

February 12 start 7.30 am

March 11 start 7.30 am

April 8 start 7.30 am

May 13 start 8.30 am

June 10 start 8.30 am

July 8 start 8.30 am

August 12 start 8.30 am

Sept 9 start 8.30 am

Oct 14 start 7.30 am

Nov 11 start 7.30 am

Dec 9 start 7.30 am