environmental training

training courses

Hillcrest Conservancy offers an intensive half-day training course to assist and uplift gardeners’ skills. The course gives a brief overview of the importance of our natural environment (your garden) and why it should be preserved.

The course is structured to ensure that your garden complies to some extent with the Alien Plant Control Regulations and is a safe working environment which you and your employee/s enjoy, inter-alia;

  • The benefit of indigenous gardens.
  • Identification and eradication of the most common invasive and alien plants.
  • Safety in the garden and awareness of risks.

Employers and others, who wish to attend, are also welcome.

Venue: Kingfisher Centre, Springside Nature Reserve, 93 Springside Road, Hillcrest

Further information and dates, contact: hillcrestconservancy@gmail.com

Proceeds are used for on-going Hillcrest Conservancy projects, e.g. A&IP control and education.  Hillcrest Conservancy is a non-profit group of volunteers and relies on your support to protect the environment.